The personal training plan that you receive from me contains a few steps to ensure I receive the most accurate information possible. This will help me to provide a personalised workout plan that will offer the best results for you.

1. The Questionnaire

To construct a custom workout plan and find the best suitable online fitness program for you, I first need information about you.

The intention of the questionnaire is for me to know what your fitness goals are, whether you have any essential health issues that I should be aware of, if you have any nutritional needs or allergies, and your current level of health.

For women who require a post pregnancy workout plan, there may be additional questions.

2. The Personalised Workout Plan

The second step is to review the information you have given me and put together an individual workout plan that will address each of your concerns and body complaints, providing the course you will follow to blow your goals out of the water.

I strive to make your personal fitness plan fun, challenging, and varied so you have the workout tools in your armoury to hit your body shape target. But remember – I can only provide the guidance, it’s up to you to do the hard work!

3. The Personalised Nutritional Program

Breaking a sweat and feeling the burn is just one half of the process to rediscover your body.

The other half of my online personal training programs is a balanced, healthy nutritional program that I provide uniquely for you.

Fuelling our body is important every day, and based on your body goals I will tailor a nutritional program that goes hand in hand with your personalised workout plan from step two.

Please note – my personalised nutritional program has proved to be especially helpful for mothers during ante and post-natal stages. When you have another little life relying on your body to feed it, we must take nutrition seriously.

As part of the online exercise programs I provide, your tailor-made nutrition plan will work to help you drop weight, healthily. If there are foods you do not or cannot eat then please let me know and I will happily work around them.


Included within the online personal training programme.

All users receive access to the online exercise library where you can review, ask questions, and find help on the correct ways to carry out hundreds of exercises, as well as diet tips and new challenges in my regular blog post.


From 4 to 12 Weeks and Beyond.

Everybody needs support when they go through a challenge. If you’re a mum for the first time or are having another child, support from those who know what you’re going through is even more important. Getting in shape can be tough and so can sticking to a diet. That’s why I’m here.

With regular Skype or telephone calls – scheduled at the most convenient time for you – we review your recent progress and discuss any difficulty you may be having sticking to the workout or nutrition plan.

When you choose Regain Your Shape’s online fitness programme, you are supported throughout its duration. Whether you commit to a 4, 12 or more week plan, you will be supported, listened to, and worked for.


Each of us is an individual and has different needs.

What works for one, does not always work for another. That’s why online personal training programs address each client in their own way, tailoring exercise and nutrition to fit in with your goals, lifestyle, and level of experience.

We’re all different and that’s what makes us special. Give your body the attention it deserves with a unique and professional body shape plan! Let’s take a look at those plans.