As we get older, aches and pains that were once only an after-thought can become a little more pressing. Mobility reduces and with it your ability to drop weight and keep active. Though this is entirely natural it is by no means irreversible. Regain Your Fitness can help you turn this problem around!

The online diet and fitness plan we offer combines nutrition and exercise to help you look 10 years younger and feel 10 times better!

There are so many benefits of our personalised workout plan, combined with the correct diet, that they will aid every aspect of your life. Enjoy improved sleep, heightened mood, reduced stress and lessen aches and pains with a lifestyle that works for you.


The key to looking 10 years younger is not another expensive bout of Botox or going under the knife with a plastic surgeon.

The key is to combine effort with a proven, effective, professional plan from a professional trainer like me. My methods are scientifically-based, professionally recognised, and work.

Here are the three stages of Regain Your Shape’s 10 YEARS YOUNGER THROUGH FITNESS programme.

The first step in how to look younger is by making an impact. This means that the personalised, moderate intensity fitness programme you receive as part of this package will firstly improve your mobility. Muscles, joints, and ligaments that you may not have challenged for a long time will be reawakened. You’ll find that weight drops quickly with moderate exercise and nagging aches and pains fade into memory. You’ll look younger and feel better quickly.

This second stage is about creating a long-term route for you to follow by explaining how to look 10 years younger for the future. Nutrition is combined with moderate, balanced exercise to build a lasting foundation for your healthy lifestyle, continuing to drop weight and improve muscle tone for longer.

By this stage, the hard work has already been done. For a start, this is about maintaining the changes you have made in achieving your younger, healthier, and in shape body, you are now comfortable with your personalised workout plan and are enjoying the 10 years younger diet and nutrition program. This is about keeping your younger body in the shape of your life and simply keeping on top of the changes you have made.


Remember that Regain Your Shape is not only an online diet and fitness plan provider.

I continue the journey with my clients, always being a reliable resource to check in with. Together, we chart your progress and review your needs to make sure you have the support to commit to your healthier, happier life.

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