Getting back in shape after pregnancy and wanting to live a healthy, happier lifestyle was the beginning of my journey into fitness training. What began as a hobby transformed my life and once I realised the positive impact that personal training had on me, I knew I had to share it.

I felt able to live life properly again, to enjoy shared moments with friends and family without the self-consciousness and doubt that had previously interrupted those special times.

With a drive to learn and succeed, I became a personal fitness instructor and thanks to the qualifications and extremely high standards I bring to bear as a personal fitness coach, I gained a Certificate in GP Referral for Exercise. This certifies me as a personal fitness trainer with NHS approval so that GPs can send me patients and I can get them on the right track towards a fitter, healthier life.

11 years later and here I am. As a personal fitness instructor, I’ve used my passion and knowledge to help thousands of happy clients regain their shape and (the ) take control of their lives. So why not you?

Remember: fitness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. For a longer, healthier, and truly happier lifestyle, consider a personal training program online to experience a difference you might not yet believe possible.


I hold a variety of qualifications that have given me the basis of knowledge and learning that I put into practice each and every day.

Certificate in GP Referral for Exercise – The National Health Service elects an elite group of personal trainers that GPs in each borough can send patients to. I (then) As one of these trainers help the patients to recover their health by taking them through a nutrition and exercise routine that will allow them to lose weight and increase their mobility. As an online personal trainer for weight loss, this is one of my great strengths.

YMCA National Diplomas in Nutrition, Weight Management, and Fitness – The YMCA is the standard-bearer in personal training education. I hold diplomas in Nutrition, Weight Management, and Fitness, which have given me an incredible wealth of knowledge that I use for the benefits of my clients here at Regain Your Shape.

Level 2 & 3 Personal Trainer Certificate, plus ante and post-natal specialisms – I hold the nationally recognised Personal Trainer Level 2 & 3 certificates with specialisation on ante and post-natal exercise. I am specially qualified to offer an incredible personalised workout for women during and after pregnancy.


I know what a difference fitness has made to my quality of life. I also see the incredible improvements (from) With my clients each day. This only strengthens my belief that health and fitness are two vital foundations for a long, happy life.

It seems clear to me that the body and mind are connected. When the body is in better shape, the mind is too.

As a national certified personal trainer, I aim to continue using my passion to help others live as well as they possibly can.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or discussing how I can help you, contact me today and let’s talk further!

Best Wishes,