Prepare to get your heart rate up and get sweaty with Regain Your Shape’s 3 month body transformation!

This is the classic personal fitness programme that will be tailored to your lifestyle so that within three months you look and feel like a new and improved you.

Based on high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, you’re going to burn through calories to tone and shape your body beautiful. Other than being fun, challenging, and extremely effective, HIIT’s other major benefit is that it ramps up your metabolic rate so that you’re still burning calories hours after you’ve finished exercising!

Combining cardio and weight training to drop weight and add strength is what this package is all about.

The 3 month workout plan is this length for one main reason. Our bodies are incredible machines that will adapt to most of life’s challenges, but it takes them a little bit of time. For the first 3 months your body transformation will be at an optimum as you shed weight and tone muscle. After 3 months, your body will become used to the stress of exercise and will require a different challenge, which is why Regain Your Fitness also offers extended programs.

But Regain Your Fitness’s online fitness programs for women and men are an incredible way to begin reclaiming the body that you want. Past clients have lost 7 – 10 kg in the first 30 days of this routine and so can you!


The 3 month body transformation package is effectively 3 month diet and workout plan that is personalised for you with my expertise to offer a total nutrition and exercise overview.

From the information you will provide and the chats that we will have via telephone or online, I will construct the plan that meets your needs and propels you towards your goals. We want to drop weight, tone up, and have a great time doing it.

You will receive a workout schedule and diet plans.

We will also stay in communication as the programme progresses to ensure you’re both happy with the plan and are on track to hit targets.

Your needs are my number one concern and as such I can also produce a 3 month workout plan at home if you prefer exercising in private. I can work with whichever dietary requirements you may have to ensure you are eating well and receiving necessary nutrition regardless of what you can or cannot eat.

The three month body transformation is entirely personalised. I work with you, for you. Sign up to try it out for yourself and achieve dramatic results in a matter of weeks!

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