Using a personal training plan from a qualified online weight loss coach is one of the most effective routes to getting strong and slim.

The in-depth knowledge and years of training that a personal weight loss coach uses for every nutrition plan and workout schedule simply cannot be replaced.

Want to workout from home?

No problem!

I can structure your high interval training so that you won’t even have to leave the house! My weight loss exercise plan is flexible and adaptable to your training preferences.


Regain Your Shape’s personal training plans for weight loss helps you get rid of unwanted weight to achieve definition and shape in your muscles so that you can lead the life you want.

So how best to get strong and slim? Well, cardio – an aerobic form of exercise – plays a big part in cutting weight. Cardio exercise can be running, walking, dancing or any other exercise whereby the heart rate and breathing rate is heightened for an extended period. It’s a great option steadily burn calories while not being too physically demanding on an individual. As part of a personalised workout plan to lose weight, cardio is absolutely necessary.

But anaerobic exercise is another vital pillar for weight loss. Anaerobic – or literally “without oxygen” – exercise are the short, sharp, extremely challenging exercises like lifting weights and sprinting. Anaerobic exercise dramatically pushes up the heart rate and quickly burns calories, as well as boosting your metabolic rate so that calories continue to be burned for hours after you’re finished. Not bad!

What about the best of both worlds? The weight loss exercise plan you receive from Regain Your Shape is a fully personalised and painstakingly adapted plan for you only. Using high interval training, or HIIT, I combine both aerobic and anaerobic exercise methods to produce the most efficient workouts possible.

My fitness for weight loss approach combines exercise with expert nutritional guidance to get you firing on all cylinders.


The STRONG AND FIT programme is ideally suited to busy women who need to make the most of their exercise time.

Why waste hours in the gym when an online trainer for weight loss can optimise the effectiveness of your workouts allowing you to do more with less?

I’m with you every step of the way along your weight loss journey. We will regularly review your progress and discuss what’s working best for you or what might need tweaking.

Strict dietary regulations also pose no problem. My knowledge surrounding nutrition enables me to provide you with a tailored approach that fuels your body without compromising on the quality of food and fuel you’re giving your body. Dieting doesn’t mean eating boring foods – it means eating the right kind of food!

Get in touch now to find out how I can help you lose weight while saving precious time.

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