As a mum myself

I know exactly what you’ve been through and what you’re currently feeling!

While pregnancy is a beautiful journey, it’s also an awful lot of hard work. That’s why I’ve put together a specially designed exercise routine for pregnant women.

A prenatal or post pregnancy workout program can really help blow that tired, lethargic feeling away. Exercise during pregnancy, as well as after you have given birth, has many incredible benefits.


Pregnancy workouts develop stamina and strength, helping you get through the physical demands of carrying a baby.

The pains and tension of the lower back, neck, and shoulders which we all experience when we’re carrying a child can be improved and strengthened through stretching and working the muscles.

Using a pregnancy workout routine also improves your sleep, lowers your blood pressure, and can even help with any uncomfortable constipation problems. That’s always good news!

While added weight during pregnancy is common, some of it is unnecessary. A pregnancy workout plan keeps it off.

Having a strong body that you’ve kept in shape also adds benefits during delivery. The likelihood of complication can be minimised through exercise prior to delivery, and your post-delivery recovery will also be sped up.


Having an active mum who has used a pregnancy workout program plays a massive positive role in the health of a newborn.

Because a baby’s development is so dependent on the mother’s body during pregnancy, what you do during pregnancy can really improve the health of your child once they are born.

Keeping fit when pregnant reduces the odds of diabetes for the baby, boosts their brain health, lowers their BMI, and builds a stronger, healthier heart for them.

For the health of both you and your baby, exercising and eating properly during pregnancy is extremely important.


Regain Your Shape’s 3 TRIMESTER PREGNANCY WORKOUT offers the safest and most effective exercise plan for pregnant women that can be found online.

The beauty of online pregnancy workouts is that they can be done from home, gym or park so you can feel comfortable and relaxed. You won’t have to leave your baby’s side, nor even your home, if you don’t want to.

Each individually tailored plan offers both exercise and nutrition plans for each stage of pregnancy, keeping your body strong during pregnancy and helping you shed extra weight during the post-natal period.

I am a personal trainer for pregnant women because I feel passionately about helping pregnant women feel good about themselves and building a strong foundation for their child’s future.

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