Maintaining or regaining your fitness whilst pregnant, or immediately afterwards, isn’t as easy as the glossy magazines might have you believe.

It’s very common to feel lethargic and low on energy during this period, so it is certainly understandable why building up the motivation to exercise (especially if the routine doesn’t seem to be working) can be quite difficult!

That’s where Regain Your Shape is different.

Regain Your Shape offers the best online pregnancy and post pregnancy training to help you feel great and look fantastic while caring for your baby.

Our fun, focused and effective pregnancy and post pregnancy workout plans ensure you stay motivated and happy, whilst seeing great results with effective, tailored workouts.

Just so you know – I’m a returning mum myself. I know about the body doubts and safety concerns that the entire pregnancy experience brings with it. Getting in shape after pregnancy is no simple challenge! But don’t worry, all the routines I offer have been created as a result of my expert, professional fitness training knowledge.

For more information about me, including why I’m approved by the NHS and trusted by GP’s please check out my about page.


There are so many benefits of exercising while pregnant.

Not only will it help prevent excessive and needless weight gain but your likelihood of developing type II diabetes drops, delivery is made easier, and constipation problems are reduced. And those are just a few!

Staying fit and healthy during each trimester requires you to workout in a very different way compared to your usual routine. Safety of mother and child should always come first, and with Regain Your Shape, it does. My knowledge and skill is directed towards keeping you fit and healthy during a physically demanding experience so that body confidence and happiness accompany your journey every step of the way.

Our exercise routines are safe and efficient. Because I give you all the tools you need to get fit quickly, you’ll never over-train or risk unhealthy dieting to achieve your goals. This means that both you and your little one will be in robust health during the entire nine months.


Getting back in shape after pregnancy isn’t at the top of every mother’s list when she’s just given birth.

But it really should be! Preparing your body for the tests ahead is incredibly important, and feeling good should be a priority too. A happy mother equals a happy baby.

Regain Your Shape offers routines to fit into your personal lifestyle during the period after pregnancy. As a postnatal personal trainer myself, I know that finding the time for a run in the park or a visit to the gym can be tough. It’s for this reason that I work with my client’s to design at home post pregnancy workout routines that help shed your pregnancy weight without having to leave your baby’s side.

Like exercising during pregnancy, getting in shape after pregnancy shouldn’t be done without professional advice. Your body has been through a lot and needs some extra care. Our routines make sure you stay safe while giving you a challenging workout so that you can be the fit, healthy, and happy mother that your baby will need.

For a post pregnancy person trainer, look no further than Regain Your Shape. Get in touch today to discuss how I can help you!

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